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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Designer Interview - Mirabelle Jewellery

This month we are interviewing Veronique Henry the designer behind fashion jewellery label, Mirabelle. The daughter of a Parisian silversmith, Veronique's appreciation for the richness of colours and opulence found throughout Asia is reflected in her collections. Mirabelle jewellery is made by producers in Indonesia who receive a minimum set price for their goods, with financial and technical support, and safe, healthy working conditions. 

Mirabelle is a new label for us at Equa and we are delighted to introduce it to you..

In a nutshell what was your initial motivation to become a designer of fair trade jewellery?
It fell onto my lap.............it was an obvious thing to do..........I was travelling and bringing back exciting items, jewellery was so easy to bring and so enticing! It was the obvious thing to bring back as all girls like jewellery, and my self first of course! So what a way to treat myself..... I thought ...if they do not like it i will keep it for myself..............Luckily I do not have many items like this.!

What does ethical fashion mean to you?
For me it means you work within ethical principles and you treat others like you would be treated, it means you respect people and always put this first.

What challenges do you face as an ethical designer?
The recognition of being ethical without having to join costly and complicated organisations.

What are the inspirations behind your latest collection?
Greek, Romans, ancient medieval and Victorian........ all mixed and revisited.

What advice would you give anyone looking to make their wardrobe more ethical?
If you buy it cheap, just look where it is made and do some research..... There's nothing wrong with buying cheap if really they are fair-trade..... other wise there is a big risk it is exploitation.

Who are your Style Icons?
....Coco Chanel, Jane Birkin,

What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe and where did it come from?
A cashmere scarf , sooooo warm. It is a Burburry, but I wear it all the time in winter........
Oh and a Miu Miu bag which I treasure............ I am a bit of a bag addict........few pieces of jewellery and that little black dress........it is not a label, but it does the job!

As a child what did you want to do when you grew up?
Travel, travel and travel. And I did just that.

Tell us something you are really excited about…
My next collection......keys, coins, trinkets......! watch out.

Tell us something that really gets on your nerves….
people who copy me, so annoying! But I take it as a compliment now.

What's next for your label?
Growing, and designing more collections !

Thank you Veronique!
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