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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wedding Style at Equa

Wedding season is in full swing. For me it is a case of 2 down 6 to go and the eternal question of what to wear to each wedding, especially when they are within the same group of friends, must be answered. As one of the weddings was my own I can't really complain, but the last wedding I went to was on a beautiful part of the south coast near Chichester and I was proud that three outfits at the wedding were from Equa. I wore the fab Sika Empire Line Spellbound Dress which was perfect for a hot summer wedding day. My two friends wore the Debbi Little Parachute Dress and the Sika Bow Dress.

I wore the Sika Spellbound Dress with Made brass accessories to keep the African theme going.

The Debbi Little Parachute Dress needs very few accessories - the dress itself is the outfit.

Teamed with a soft white summer jacket the black Sika Bow Dress looks chic and dispels the myth that you can't wear black to weddings.

Now what will I wear to the next one..?
Happy Wedding Season! Penny