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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Peaches & Cream for Summer

The perfect way to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe this summer is by adding a touch of peach to your outfit. Nothing says summer more than a fresh colour like peach and here at Equa we've got all kinds on incarnations, from subtle splashes to full on block colour.

If you're looking to add a bit of colour to your work wardrobe try the Komodo Zinia Skirt, team it with the Matt&Nat Yacht Handbag for a fab outfit. If you're in need to a dazzling dress for a summer party try the Rianna De Witte Starfish Dress, this sexy dress adds a splash of glamour to any day.

The perfect pairing for peach is cream or white. Accessories your outfit with accents of the summer's staple colour - white. The Jackpot Stavell Cardigan is a great accompaniment to most summer outfits. Or put the Komodo Otis Linen Shorts with the Bibico Frill Sleeve Top and the Terra Plana Union Plimsoll.

But if you really love peaches and cream then the Outsider Oversized Shirt Dress is the one for you.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My Latest Ethical Dilemma - Ethical Maternity Wear

As the buyer of Equa I have spent 5 years sourcing the best of ethical fashion for the Equa Boutique and Website. Especially in the early days it wasn't always easy, but today I think Ethical Fashion no longer deserves the old label many people still pin it of not being fashionable or desirable. Ethical fashion is fashionable and has been for a good few years now, with labels like People Tree, Annie Greenabelle and Bibico (to name a few) proving that ethical fashion can be achieved at high street prices. For the past few buying seasons I've felt confident that I'll find a great collection to showcase in our ethical boutique. Recently however, I've come up against a new challenge for my wardrobe - finding ethical maternity wear.

Since finding out I was expecting, I have done a combination of borrowing maternity clothes from family and friends and making the most of the clothes I have in my wardrobe that will expand with me.  However as my due date approaches it is becoming harder to make do with what I have and as I have needed to get new clothes I wanted to find a few key pieces from Equa's SS10 collection that I could wear, at least until the last few months.
So here is my pick of the current season that I will be wearing with my bump:

This Alchemist Sequin Tunic is perfect.  I have gone up a size in this one so give added room for expansion.  There are slits up the side seams which will allow for further growth and it's nice and light so will keep me cool in the hotter days to come.

The Bibico Frill Sleeve Top will be another staple for me over the summer months.  The tunic style provides lots of growing room.  Again I've gone up a size in this one to give me more space.

This Bailey Pleat Front Dress I'm hoping will see me through a couple of the weddings I've got this Summer.  The pleats at the bust are perfect for going over any lumps and bumps you may have and it's made from Bamboo which is a naturally cool fabric so if those wedding days are scorchers I should stay nice a cool in this number.

I've been wearing this People Tree Asymmetric Dress a lot lately.  The design is perfect for a growing bump with the ruffles at the front providing room for growth.  This has been one of our best sellers since it arrived in store, and I think it is easy to see why, it's simple to wear with flats like the Terra Plana Rizzo Pumps or the Vivo Barefoot Union Plimsols.

The Hazel Tunic is another one I've been wearing a lot of over the past few weeks.  The empire line of this tunic has made it geat for me as I've been slowly getting bigger.  Team with the People Tree Lotus Leggings and the Rizzo Pumps and you've got a great and comfortable outfit.

Other pieces I've picked out are:

If you're like me and looking for ethical maternity wear, do not despair while there may not yet be a dedicated ethical maternity wear label, there are some choices that will get you through most of your pregnancy.  For the rest, the best thing to do is borrow from friends and in turn lend them on to others so that the clothes get the most use from them.  Good luck and enjoy!