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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Fabric of the Week- Lyocell

Lyocell is a man-made fiber of natural origin. It is considered natural because it’s made from the cellulose in wood pulp which is harvested from sustainably farmed trees, such as beech and eucalyptus. The pulp is dissolved and spun into a fiber which can then be dyed and blended with other fibers such as cotton, silk, linen and wool.
Eucalyptus Tree
The spinning process has minimal impact on the environment and virtually all the chemicals used in the production process are recycled, leaving minimal by-product. The resulting fiber is both biodegradable and recyclable, making Lyocell a relatively eco-friendly fabric.
Beech Tree
Lyocell is also known under the brand names Tencel or Modal.


As it is a man-made fibre the diameter and length of the fibres can be varied which allow it to mimic other fabrics. The fibres can be very fine and long producing fabric that resembles silk, it can also be made with a cotton like feel to the fabric.

Lyocell is a very versatile fabric, it dyes easily, is resistant to wrinkling and is very durable. It is also soft and drapes well making it perfect for those wardrobe staple, jersey dresses...

..such as the Rianne De Witte Flora Dress. This dress drapes beautifully and has a silky sheen to it.

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