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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Eco Fabrics

Have you ever wondered what an ‘eco-fabric’ actually is?

There are many variables to consider when classifying a fabric as being an ‘eco-fabric’. This includes everything from how the raw material is grown, the manufacturing process, the chemicals used to dye the fabric to the fabric ultimately being biodegradable or recyclable.

Over the next few weeks Equa will be featuring a different eco-fabric of the week…..


Eco Credentials:
Hemp has been associated with cannabis since the 70’s but it is much more than that. For over a thousand years hemp was in fact the world’s largest agricultural crop, it was even the primary source of protein for both humans and animals. Hemp is now used commercially in a wide variety of products, such as paper, biodegradable plastics, health food, and textiles.

A hemp crop will yield 4 times as much raw fibre as an equivalent sized tree plantation. Hemp is a very hardy plant which can be grown in almost any climate and soil condition, allowing it to be grown on otherwise unusable land. It requires no pesticides or herbicides to grow, even replenishing the soil with nutrients such as nitrogen.

Traditionally hemp produced a coarse woven fabric not suitable for clothing; however recent developments in processing have made it possible to soften the coarse hemp fibres into a soft wearable fabric.

If woven tightly hemp fabric acts as a natural sun screen by repelling 95% of UV rays. It is also a very light and airy fabric while being very strong and durable.

This summer try Equa’s Komodo Cobalt Tunic it is a hemp/cotton mix and has a raw  loosely woven quality, which gives it a natural feel...

                                                                                                  In contrast the Stewart Brown Varley Pleat Dress is made from more tightly woven hemp giving it a fine drape and luxurious finish.

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