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Friday, 9 October 2009

Jeans alert! £50 Monkee Genes arrive, plus how to find a pair to flatter your shape

Great news for fans of good old faithful jeans this week - and doesn't that just about include all of us?! We've taken our first delivery of Monkee Genes, the ethical jeans brand that won't bust the bank. A pair of Monkee Genes jeans is comparable in price to Topshop or Gap jeans, retailing at about £50, but the cut and quality of the fabric suggests a far more expensive pair. Hurrah!

If you haven't heard of Monkee Genes, they're a UK brand, born in 2006 out of a desire to perk up the jeans market and bring more fashion-forward styling to ethical denim especially. Now carrying the Soil Association organic standard, which ensures that no pesticides or chemicals are used in the making of the cotton, Monkee Genes are made in factories where working standards are vetted.

We're stocking two Monkee Genes styles; the organic cotton sateen trouser in purple or slate (black will be arriving soon), and the super skinny high-rise organic cotton jean in inky blue. The Monkee Genes brand patch that you see on the picture here, on the back of the jean, is detachable.

Perhaps the best news, apart from each pair retailing at just £50, is that Monkee Genes contain Lycra, which makes for a great fit. The number one style tip for choosing jeans is to find a pair that flatters your shape, rather than slavishly following a jeans trend that just doesn't work for you. A little bit of Lycra certainly makes for a better fitting, and more comfortable jean.

To celebrate the arrival of Monkee Genes, and help you find a pair that flatters, we've asked GreenmyLIFEstyle fashion stylist Zoe Robinson for her top tips. Zoe says:

1. Cut
Don't hide your figure buy wearing over-sized, baggy jeans - they will only make you appear larger than you really are. If you're conscious of your hips or thighs wear boot-cut or slightly flared jeans to create balance. If you really want to wear skinny jeans, team with heeled knee-high boots to create a longer, leaner look. If you're worried about your tummy, opt for a mid or high-rise jean with stretch rather than a true hipster. Go for a cut that suits your shape and not what's in fashion this week.

2. Length
Make sure jeans are the right length - too long and they'll bunch up and look scruffy, too short and you'll look dated and your legs will appear shorter (which may have the effect of broadening your bum). Take your favourite boots or shoes with you when you try your jeans to find the perfect length - they should sit on your foot. If jeans are always too long for you and you can't get your size, have them taken up - it will only cost a few pounds but will make a big difference

3. Pockets
The eyes focus on them so well-placed pockets on the back of jeans can be very flattering. Large pockets will make your bum and hips appear narrower but if they're too small they will make your bottom look broader. Make sure pockets sit high enough on your bum, if they are too low your bottom will appear to sag. Also check the direction of the pockets - if the bottom of the pocket is angled out towards the hips this will accentuate the curve of your hip - great if your hips are narrow there but if you want to streamline your curves go for pockets that point slightly inwards.

4. Colour
It's an obvious one that dark denim has a slimming effect. Whatever the colour the jeans are, if they are lighter in certain areas, that will highlight those areas on you. If you are sensitive about large thighs or bottom, don't go for jeans that are lighter or bleached out in those areas, but if you have a tiny bottom and want to create the illusion of curves go for it!

5. Cost
Jeans are an investment so it's worth spending a little extra to find the perfect pair. They'll be a key piece in your wardrobe and should last for years.

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