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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Throw Away Bag Free Shopping

I never go anywhere without my Envirosax... since I was given one in my stocking last Christmas I haven't needed to use a plastic bag. I'm never caught out when I need to pick something up on my way home from work. They are great, they fold up so small they just live in your handbag so you never forget it.
In the UK we get through around 8 billion plastic bags each year, but unlike many other European countries the UK Government doesn't seem to be doing too much about it... while some supermarkets are now charging for their throw away plastic bags, it is no use unless the others have to do it too and it shouldn't be up to UK retailers to set the agenda, it should be those in power.
Judging by the popularity of our Envirosaxs at Equa and seeing the number of us walking around with our re-usable bags it seems that this is not an issue that is passing us by and so hopefully the UK will soon go the way of Ireland and enforce a charge for all throw away plastic bags.
Penny x

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